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I'm not sure if this is possible, but here's what I'd like to do. On several instruments I don't like the arrangement/order of the factory KK midi mapping. I want to change the mapping for EVERY INSTANCE of an instrument. I believe I have to do this in the KK stand alone version, So I opened an instrument, edit away and get things how I'd like them. When I go to close the patch KK says I need to save it, which I do, but this ONLY saves my midi mapping to that ONE patch. What I want to do is change the mapping and have it effect EVERY patch, EVERY instance of that instrument, in the stand alone version and as a VI within a DAW. Is this possible? Seem like the most useful way to be able to change the midi mapping. Do I need to create a new "mapping template" and edit that in another program?

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    Yeah, what you are asking has been another of those long standing user requests that is not possible.

    You are correct in that you can save the control mapping for a custom setup but it will save only that preset to your user library, there is no way to have a custom template created that overwrites the factory ones. NKS simply reads whatever controls have been mapped into the file loaded.

    The suggestions we have made over the years have been to have the ability to create just 1 template and assign it to a plugin (or library loaded into a plugin in the case of most NI instruments) as a "user map" that you can have loaded automatically whenever you load any preset for that inst/library. A way to easily switch between the factory/user mapping would be great and this is a dream feature, dream in that it is unlikely to happen any time soon but we can all dream....

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    OK, good to know and thank you for your response. It seems like such a no brainier request, in fact I can't imagine it doesn't work that way but oh well, it is what it is... At least my save patches will have the controls mapped the way I want them.

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