How do you output the sound to amplifier?

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I'm new to drumming, purchased an Alesis DM10 MII Pro electric kit in June and have enjoyed the journey so far. I'm having a hard time understanding if DrumLab is a product that I can use for what I would like to accomplish, and having a hard time searching for answers--hoping someone here might know of help guide.

What I have:

Alesis DM10 MKii Pro, simmons DA2112 amplifier and the simmons 12" sub, Volt 2 audio interface.


Having fun with the amplifier speakers, everything sounds great, I have been able to record to my laptop through the volt 2 interface (albeit still working on my knowledge here to use it better)

What I'd like to do:

I'd like access to the customization through drum lab and the sounds for the drums. I understand (minimally) interfacing the kit to the laptop and am wondering how I could get the processed sound from drum lab out and put through the amplifier. I'm not tech illiterate and thought I could work my way through the concept, yet I am finding it hard to comprehend if additional hardware is required, and what I'm missing to know if this is something that can work for what I'm looking for.


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    Select the Volt 2 as an output in DrumLab then use two jack to jack cables from the outputs of the Volt 2 to the inputs on the back of the DA2112.

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    Thank you 🙁 I can't believe it's that simple. Would this work the same way with Adobe Audition as well while recording, or cause potential issues to troubleshoot as well? I have been picking up cymbals and researching how to mic them. If I add a mixer to the setup, how would this change the interactions? (I've been looking at an 8 channel behring xenyx mixer that also has a built-in interface.)

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