MioXM & Maschine + connectivity

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If this have already been answered somewhere, I apologize for the duplicate post. I’m struggling setting up a MioXM to my Maschine +, I keep hearing it’s doable but I haven’t been able to find any sort of videos online. I have 3 synths I’m looking to run through the MioXM and into the Maschine +, being able to control them with the Maschine +. I connected the synths to the MioXM and out from the USB DAW port to the back of the Maschine +. I can see the LED’s light up on the MioXM for the ports and the DAW, but I don’t know that it’s being seen in Maschine + because I’m unable to control anything. Does anyone have any experience with this that is able to assist by chance?


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    I'm using an XM and M+. You may want to first connect to a computer and setup your ports in the Auracle app. Make sure you're connecting to the USB-A port (as opposed to the USB-B port you'd use to connect M+ to a computer). Once done, go into settings > midi and enable the ports you want to use.

    The port names you setup in Auracle don't show up on M+; so you'll just need to remember what "mioXM/mioXM MIDI 1" is connected to.

    In my setup, I have the Mio connected to M+ via USB; but it also connects to my network so I can view/modify the setup.

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