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Hi, I am new to this system and just bought the Kontakt7 bundle. I was expecting there to be a number of different violin sounds in Orchestral but I can only find 1 sound which is a violin ensemble and a fiddle in the acoustic sub bank

. Is this right? I was expecting a much larger range of sounds.

Am I missing something?


  • Milos
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    There is a way to make more new sounds out of these few of them!

    It is kinda like sound design.

    Do you know Output feature?

    You can open few same Violin instruments.

    Then, go to the Output right below the name of the instrument.

    And then, click 'create separate master output channel' for each instrument

    Now, what you need to do is to go to the View, then Outputs.

    There, you can see all separate channels.

    You can even customize the names.

    And there you go!

    For each channel output, you can put up up to 4 effects.

    I would recommend different Reverb and EQ effect.

    Don't use the effects inside the instrument, use the effects from the channel output instead.

    Here is the example.

  • Buckmcbecky
    Buckmcbecky Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thank you! But I would be interested to know if I have all the sounds I should have - does anyone have a list of what should be included in Kontakt7?

  • Milos
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    You have all the sounds, but there are only few of them when it comes to the library itself.

    Native instruments has a bigger focus on electronic and rock genres nowadays.

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