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Hi, I would like to connect 2 maschine mikro controllers for live performance with Maschine soft.

One to control scenes , the other one as a keyboard with Note repeat (as an Arpeggiator) for live play.

Is it possible ?

I have already connected 2 controllers, one as a Maschine controller the second one as a an external midi controller but I am loosing all the "standard" mapping for keyboard/pad playing.


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    Short answer is: No.

    Maschine software does not support more than one controller of the same type at the same time, one of them will default to MIDI Mode automatically.

    You can for example use different types at the same time, like a Mikro + a Jam or KKS Keyboard, however even in this case the focus system makes the controllers follow each other, meaning changing Groups for example affects both.

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    Thanks for your answer. In that case is there a way to have the 2nd mikro controller set-up in Midi mode with the ability to use the pad in keyboard mode and the arpegiator or note repeat available ?

    Or should I better use a different controller for that (Akai mpd 218 for eg) ?

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    Smart Play (Arps, Chords, Scales) does not work with "External / 3RD Party MIDI Controllers", even tho a Mikro is not exactly 3rd party if it is in MIDI Mode it kind of qualifies as one, as any other generic MIDI device.

    An AKAI MPD would behave the same way, so no.

    Only a JAM or KKS keyboard can allow for what you're asking.

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