Bags, cases, decksavers for Kontrol MK3

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Hello everyone,

are there bags, cases, decksavers for the Kontrol MK3 keyboards (preferably the S61), yet?

Any links and infos are welcome 🤗


  • Ojustaboo
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    On a similar note, I’ve never seen the deck savers in real life.

    to me, they look like the sort of cheap packaging many products come packed with. Am thinking about it for my Maschine mk3 but only if they are solid and look like they are somewhat worth the cost.

    can any owners confirm the quality please?

    sorry for jumping in on this thread, but if it turns out they are *****, it’s saved the op a purchase

  • MartinHines
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    I would suggest contacting decksavers directly, to see if and when they will support the Kontrol mk3 series

    i don’t see anything for the Kontrol mk3 series on their website.

  • reffahcs
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    Are you sure you're thinking about Decksavers? I have several, one for a Roland MC-707, the NI Jam, and an MPX X SE. They are extremely robust, durable rigid covers. Since they're solid plastic, they do a great job of protecting equipment from getting bumped or banged and liquid damage from spills. The biggest downside though is that since they are rigid covers they take up more space than a soft cover when not in use.

  • McClaneonfire
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    @reffahcs yep you're right: for my Yamaha Reface CP the decksaver is ouké, since it's a small keyboard. For the S61 I will use an old towel ✌️

    A bag is more what I'm looking for - half soft / half durable.

  • reffahcs
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    In that case you should check out

    They only produce soft covers and they offer them in several different materials depending on your budget and needs. I couldn't find a Decksaver for my ASM Hydrasynth so I got a Digital Deck Cover in blue nylon.

    My primary concerns are dust (I have two cats) and liquid spills, so I kinda wish I went with the Vinyl, but ohwell. Nylon still offers good protection, so I'm happy with it.

  • reffahcs
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    Side note... how do you like the CP???? I looked at that one for awhile!

  • McClaneonfire
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    The Reface CP is great! The only thing I miss is the Pitch and the Mod-wheel ;)

    That aside it is a great Midi-Keyboard and has great sounds + sweet effects onboard. Also very portable due to its size / 37 keys.

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