why does it take for more than 20 min for traktor pro to load.

ever since the last update it has gotten so slow in loading, i would like to know if there is awork around, or should i just not load or make playlists


  • reffahcs
    reffahcs Member Posts: 220 Advisor

    Without knowing anything about your setup it's really hard to speculate. Could be that's just how long it takes.

    DJRICORADIO Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    good afternoon. well i reinstalled the program and it still takes forever to load,

  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 247 Pro

    Well, like @reffahcs wrote, it´s hard to help without knowing anything about your setup.

    What computer are you using? OS version, CPU, RAM?

    Which Traktor version do you use? Are your tracks, database files on an external hard drive?

    Did you try a clean re-install? How many tracks are in your collection?

  • red_nick
    red_nick Member Posts: 55 Newcomer

    Re-installing won't do anything to your collection file. There's probably something wrong with it causing it to load slowly. Try renaming the old collection.nml in Users > *User Name* > Music > Traktor. and see if you still have the issue.

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