When will export audio to MP3 format be an option in MK3?

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😎 Asking for the folks who hate using iTunes to create MP3's


  • Milos
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    You should play with the settings of exporting.

    Maybe you will find MP3 option somewhere.

    And if you don't find it, maybe because you don't want for your track to take up too much space.

    So, I recommend an alternative: simply change export sample rate from 96khz or 48khz to 44.1khz.

    I hope one of these help you!

  • Sunborn
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    Most likely, never.

    Also MK1 and MK2 didn't have such option. This reason is simple:

    Though all those products are available to anyone, originally, their main target was the audio professionals (DJs, musicians, sound engineers etc.). Professionals do not use .mp3 because it is a low quality format. Even a home user who values quality, rarely use mp3's (personally i stopped using it since 2007).

    And, if i may, neither you should. With the current vast acceptance of FLAC (and few other formats), which combines both worlds (compression for reduced size, but still lossless, unlike mp3 which actually "butchering" frequencies in order to gain a smaller size), and the huge sizes of modern discs, which eliminates the older problem of lack of space, mp3 is consider a rather dying format.

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