Are trackouts considered as sample based products wich are not allowed?

Bill Nora
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Selling beats, may involve sending trackouts. As a beatmaker, am I allowed to sell beat in trackouts format with instrument coming from kontakt?


  • Milos
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    Well, not sure about this.

    It is the equivalent of trying to sell a melody or a riff.

    However, you can maybe create a different sound or tone of the drum pad,

    Use layering technique.

    To just layer multiple instruments one into another to create more unique sounds.

    But I'm not done yet!

    You can play with the mono/stereo/mid/side settings for each kick or snare or any sound for further enrichments!

    Be sure that new drum pad sounds are high quality and pleasant while being very unique!

    Hope these can help!

  • Sunborn
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    No, you can not.

    Unless you get a permission (or come to an agreement) with the actual developer, which is not always Native Instruments.

    For example, the library Balkan Ethnic Orchestra is a product by Strezov Sampling, so if you want to create trackouts from there, you need to contact them, not Native Instruments.

    However, you may use material from free libraries, unless their developer declares on the license agreement that does not allow use for commercial purposes.

    Alternately, you can follow a suggestion from the above comment: To twist the sound in such degree that it becomes unrecognizable, thus it can be consider as a new sound.

  • PK The DJ
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    Trackouts? I had to go looking on the internet for that one.

    Apparently it means individual tracks or stems.

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