Renamed files in Music no longer playable in Traktor Pro Playlist

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Hi, my workflow is to assemble an Apple Music Playlist from tracks in my Music App Library and once I'm roughly happy with it I create a Traktor playlist and copy the files from the (Apple) Music playlist across Into the empty Playlist I've created in Traktor. All files are on my Macbook's internal drive. So far so good.

My assumption was that once I've copied these files across into a Traktor playlist they are duplicated and become part of the Traktor collection and unaffected by any changes I might make to the original track in the Apple Music app. Yesterday in the Apple Music app I "renamed" all the tracks in a playlist into a single compilation album to keep them organised but this resulted in Traktor not being able to play the tracks in the Traktor playlist ("file not found").

I'm guessing my assumption is incorrect and I need to leave the original files unchanged in the Apple Music app once I've created the playlist in Traktor but this feels very "fragile" ie any change to the original file means it's unplayable from the Traktor playlist. Am I doing something wrong? I also make sure to "Save collection" once I've created the Traktor playlist but that doesn't seem to make a difference. .

Thanks! Rob

Traktor Pro

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