Kontakt 7 last update problem with Logic Pro

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Good evening. After installing the latest update for Kontakt 7 I began to experience heavy slowdowns when loading the tracks used in Logic Pro (also updated to the latest version available). To give you an example... when I load a song of only 20 with virtual libraries I have to wait at least five minutes on the clock to even start selecting a track without being blocked by some loading. The tests I carried out give specific problems exclusively with Kontakt 7 and not with other libraries (for example East West and Impact soundworks are fine and we are loaded as before). I have a 2017 IMac Pro with 32 GB of RAM and Ventura 13.2.1 operating system

Does anyone have the same problem as me? Does anyone know how to solve it?


  • Milos
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    Hmm...maybe I can solve the issue, since I also experienced similar problem with my Daw (Cakewalk, Windows 11 Pro, 16 GM RAM)

    Do some of the tracks you made share similar or even the same notes?

    Because if so, you can just use one track and put multiple instruments in it with Kontakt 7, as long as they have the same melody.

    That way, it will be a bit faster.

    I tried it with my mixes and tracks, and it worked flawlessly.

    Now I don't need to bother with having dozens of tracks when I can just use few of them and each track will share few instruments, since each share the same melody or riff.

    I hope this helps at least somehow!

    Have a nice day, sir.

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