NI Super 8 .ens v1.0 is the current version, or is there an update already ?

Kay Boarder
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I got Super 8 serial no. from Plugin Boutique yesterday and succesfully installed via Native Access by "add serial" method.

I´m surprised about approx. 48% CPU usage, flickering spikes (100%) w/ pops & crackles in Reaktor 6 and Komplete Kontrol.

I´m using latest versions in NI Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition, Win 10 Pro, Intel i7 QM 2.5GHz, 16GB RAM,- not the fastes laptop, but OTOH, no other device show this behaviour up to now.

Any idea or fix ?



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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Yes, it's the current version. Regarding performance with Reaktor, please check this couple of articles: REAKTOR Optimization Tips

    Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

  • Kay Boarder
    Kay Boarder Member Posts: 21 Member

    Thanks a lot for quick reply !

    Well, I know these optimization tips and my laptop and my rackmount DAW PC as well, are both optimized and tuned as much as possible.

    There are other CPU hungry Reaktor 6 "PLAY" ensembles and none of these behave that extreme as Super 8 does. I never ever seen 100% CPU spikes (flickering red line on top of CPU meter) before.

    I guess there´s a more general coding issue since similar behaviour happened or happens w/ Kontakt 7 too,-

    Also Win10, quad core and 900MHz more powerful processor still.

    That´s why I was asking for an update.



  • Kay Boarder
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    I´ve found out Super 8 runs way better on my Win 7 Pro SP1 64Bit DAW machine, RME Raydat, 128samples/44.1K.

    Laptop Win10 Pro w/ RME Babyface issues disappear only when setting the buffer to 256samples.

    CPU usage meter still flickers heavily on both systems and is far from being halfway constant,- and it´s not happening in a project w/ several tracks and other plugins in addition,- just only Super 8 in Komplete Kontrol, Reaktor or any one of these in a single MIDI track in a host (Studio One Pro 4.x, REason 11.4.3 or Reaper 7.05 x64).

    On the Win7 DAW it´s Komplete Kontrol 2.9.6 in opposite to Komplete Kontrol 3.02 on Win10 laptop !

    I guess there´s room for optimization.



  • chk071
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    Note that those are pretty ancient and slow CPUs, by today's standards. Super 8 is definitely pretty CPU hungry, but, there are more demanding plugins these days.

  • Kay Boarder
    Kay Boarder Member Posts: 21 Member

    As I said already,- Super 8 is currently the most demanding on my machines and I have a lot of other plugins in addition to Komplete Ultimate Collectors Edition.

    Tha laptop is not that powerfull, that´s true, but should be good enough to play a single plugin in realtime w/o audible artefacts. 256samples buffer is not my prefered setting to do so.

    The main DAW is 4GHz stock speed quad core i7 and the CPU usage of a simple Super 8 patch is on par w/ a u-he Dark Zebra patch using 3 (THREE !) Diva filters,- the only DZ patch showing that high CPU usage in my arsenal of synths.

    Anyway,- it´s just only Super 8 v1.0.0 and maybe itwill be updated some day.



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