KSP Scripts work in Komplete Kontrol ??

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Real confused here.

I have a KSP script to change the pitch bends on my mod wheel. It functions as intended (2 semi tones up and up to 12 down) when loaded in Kontakt. I would like to use it on my Shreddage Stratus VST in my DAW (Bitwig).

I just have Kontakt Player 6.x and 7.7 and don't know if this has anything to do with things. I am Komplete Kontrol 2.9 user in Bitwig almost exclusively and rarely load Kontakt and would like to have this script work everytime I load Shreddage in Komplete Kontrol in my DAW.

I;ve tried saving it as a snapshot which shows up in KK, but the script does not. Ditto as a preset.

In what manner do I get this to work for me? Do I need to save it as a new instrument or something? or will this just not work for me? any help.?..there are way too many variables to get my head around this..thanks


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    Yes, if you save the modified kontakt instance (add a script) as a new instrument, KK can load it as such no problem.

    If you will find it easier to follow along with that whole process, you can take a look this YT video I produced showing the process end to end.


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    Hi and thx for responding. I'm sure that works fine, but I;ve determined the best way to do this is in my DAW and make it a NoteFX preset that I could dump onto any vst instrument rather than just having it available for one. No idea why I didn't think of this earlier. Thx again for your help

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