Save Snapshots in Ashlight/Straylight with your Own Samples

awlembo Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Curious to know if anyone in the community knows of a solution to this or has a work-around.

I just started recently experiment with dragging and dropping my own audio samples into Ashlight/Straylight and when I save the Snapshot of everything I edited on my computer, it correctly retains everything when I call up my custom Snapshot in another session.

The current issue I am having is I want to be able to use that same Snapshot on my Duplicate Rig with my custom sample I added to the Ashlight/Straylight patch but when I bring over the file to my Dup Rig, it won't recognize my custom audio sample even thought the file path is the exact same on my Dup Rig.

Anyone have any suggestions of how the custom audio sample can be saved with the Ashlight/Straylight patch?

Thank you!

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