Is there a way to overlay two knobs, One smaller in the middle and the larger around it.

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Just want to make a fine tune knob on the outer part and course tune in the middle. Not sure if layering makes it possible. Any ideas?


  • colB
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    You need knob graphics with transparent areas to let the other show through - use jknobman to make these

    Then use mouse area, and write some code that uses trig to work out whether you are dragging on the inner ring or the outer ring... use the output of that to update the value and the appropriate knob picture.

    IMO it's a PITA to use, better to have two knobs, or just use the shift+drag = finetune that's built into Reaktor knobs

  • Studiowaves
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    At least it can be done. I think I'll stick with a very small fine tune dot stationed next to the other. Paule gave me a whole bunch of knobs. I guess you use the "picture" function to pick one out. OK got it. Ty

  • Paule
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    In the old forum are some. Start here in 2018 - page 8

    by Omar Misa in U/L

    from April 2015

    Gaugear by LazYFisH

    works with mouse areas

  • Studiowaves
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    Thank you Paule, I have all knobs you gave but didn't know how to overlay them. This is another reason I use the panel list. I'm wishing for different layout for that. Meaning a simple 3 section rectangle with plus and minus on the left and right and the center act like a typical knob. Is that possible? It's difficult to make the plus and minus that holds in a snapshot. Actually a triangle shape would be better, using the top of the triangle for the knob and the bottom left and right area for plus and minus. That would be nice and easy.

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    You don't really need two knobs to do this.

    Reaktor has a fine control built-in to knobs using the shift key.

    You can make the fine tuning resolution very small as in this example.

    If I set the knob to .5 and move the mouse while holding Shift, I can see a setting of .5 change to .4931 over a length of about a foot. If I set the constant to '99999' it will barely move the dial with a very long sweep of the shift-mouse.

  • Studiowaves
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    Yah, that works, I like to use the plus and minus of the text module, that way I don't have to drag the mouse all over the place. I thought a triangle would be nice for compacting controls. Flip some over and you have a compact string that makes a rectangle. I guess the stacked macros are your best friend when it comes to keeping something large-- small. But it can be distracting and cumbersome to work with. I don't thing anything should cover up the transport controls in a daw, usually they are on the bottom so that can leave a lot of screen space to edit something.

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