Experience issue playing MK3 / Velocity Settings

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Hi there!

To everyone who already has the new MK3, have you experience issues playing the piano very softly? I mean, on my Genos, Roland and even MK2, each piano key has a margin of distance - from the moment you press it to the bottom, let's say 100%. On all other pianos, the sound appears from 65-85%; with this one only after the flap is pressed all the way, and it is pressed well, because if it is very soft it doesn't sound..., and after I reach down the key with my finger, I have to press a little more for it to sound...

It is unusable in very soft mode. I would really appreciate if someone could try to play soft - I mea, very soft. And if you have Genos or MK2 just try the same soft playing and you would see that MK3 doesn't sound...

Thanks for your time and answer!


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