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MK3 is brilliant, but I have a serious problem with it. The keys sound very low (not like sound but like range) when I press my fingers on them. for example with Genos or MK2 from mid-range the sound appeared. on the MK3 there are times when the notes do not sound unless they are pressed all the way down. MK3 it’s setting in default key not hard1 or 2…

I'm not a maestro but I've been playing the piano for about 20 years and I've never seen anything like this on any other model. I understood that it has aftertouch technology, but Roland also has it and the keys sound even if they are not pressed all the way down. I was trying aftertouch off but the same issue - any suggestion? i feel like going back to my mk2…

please help!


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    This is what I got in Piano V3 with the S61 MK3 using the standard linear velocity curve setting. That being said I wouldn't consider myself a piano player, so take this with a grain of salt. I might try using one of the other velocity curves to see if it helps.

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    Thanks for your answer. My MK3 are in default settings I didn’t touch calibration option. There is some tutorial somewhere?

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    The calibration is specifically for Arturia's Piano V3 instrument, I was just using it to illustrate the velocities during different playing styles.

    For me, I can only get the keys to register around 65 when I'm naturally playing the keys with the most force, which explains why the keyboard sounds quiet. For me (will be different for other players), out of the box the keyboard is only using about half of the 0-127 velocity range for a MIDI note. Now I can get the keys to reach 127 if I use one finger and slam the key, but not while I'm actually playing, even if playing as hard as I can.

    Like I said, it might just me, I've no training in the piano, just offering this for anyone with Piano V3 as a comparison. On MacOS you should be able to also use the MIDI Monitor and observe the average while playing with varying amounts of force.

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    Guys, come on pls.

    Nobody around here experience something the same? If I test MK2 and MK3 in the same time its 2 different thinks... with MK2 Im able to play soft and the keys sound starting, lets say more and less, in 60-70% of the range (when I press it), but MK3 just after 100% (even, sometimes I feel 105%) I mean, after I press all the range its look like I need to press a little bit more and because of that playing fast some notes doesn't sound.

    Any kind of help are welcome...

    Thanks again

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    Please continue the discussion on this thread instead: Thanks!

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