Delay in triggering Cue -SYNC button

Sebastian B
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Hi everyone,

One more question from me.. Is it a known issue that the cue point doesn´t instantly load when SYNC is enabled? Enable SYNC on a track, and try pressing the cue many times - you will experiece a delay.. I have an S4 and there are no CPU issues

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  • Sunborn
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    1- Yes, the cue point doesn't instantly load when SYNC is enabled, but this is not an issue. It is a standard behavior. Because simply, you can have multiple cue points and off course the program can not just "guess" which one you want to load.

    2- How fast your hardware reacts, it depends on your audio latency. If you have a fast system and a fast audio card you may have (for example) a buffer size of 128 (which is about 2 milliseconds delay) or less. If you have a slow system with a poor audio device the buffer size can be as high as 1024 or more (which is about 21 milliseconds) otherwise you may experience clicks and drops on sound.

    Of course, S4 has its own audio unit, so, if you experience unusually long delays, check your settings and use a lower buffer size. Ideally, S4 could have even smaller buffer size than 128, which is practically no delay at all (just 2 milliseconds more or less). Assuming of course that you are using the ASIO drivers and not the WASAPI or DirectSound! :-)

  • Sebastian B
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    Thank you @Sunborn

    I dont have any latency issues and I use an external soundcard, so I guess nr. 2 isnt relevant for my sake.

    It is the SYNC function that is causing the delay. The SYNC function only sets the tempo to match the MASTER tempo. I dont see how this has anything to do with the cue points.. Sorry for not catching the thing here. Hope you can elaborate :)

  • Sunborn
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    external soundcards have latency settings too, did you check its control panel?

    and, exactly how much is this delay?

  • lord-carlos
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    I'm somewhat sure this is by design. It will wait until the grid matches with the master track.

    It has nothing to do with sound interface delay.

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