Display Screens Continuously On - No standby in M+ Controller Mode

Antonio B
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Would be great to get some clarification - Seems as if Maschine+ never really goes to sleep/enters standby mode in controller mode - especially the displays that continue to display information after quiting Maschine software. The power button doesn't flash red indicating standby mode and instead, according to the manual, displays the continuous orange light that indicates power on mode - as well as the displays remaining lit up with the logo (left display) & "production & performance system" (right display). Is it OK for display Screens to always be on? Seems not the optimal for the displays to remain constantly lit up. The only way to power down is to detach USB from computer. Or keep M+ powered by adapter and switch into standalone to put it to sleep/standby mode.


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    Yes, it's super strange but thats how it is.

    The MK3 had an on/off switch button on the back but the M+ does not, so if there's power coming from the USB cable it automatically turns on and won't ever turn off... They could have kept the button just to cut off the USB connection but no. 🤷‍♂️

    Changing to standalone mode every time just to shut it down is an unbelievably annoying waste of my time so I personally keep the USB cable off and replug when I gonna use it - I am not comfortable having the screens on all the time (my computer is always on), screens aren't OLED so there's no risk of burn-in but IPS can have image retention so I'd rather not risk it.

    I keep forgetting to buy a USB cable with an on/off inline switch.

  • Antonio B
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    I agree about the time waste with adapter standalone method. Good suggestion about the on off USB cable. Thanks!

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