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Kyle Jutras
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Good day,

Looking to grab an Maschine Mikro Mk3. I was wondering if it's possible to change individual sound output from the hardware like it is on the full size Mk2. Was hoping the endless encoder will allow me to scroll through input/output selections like I can with the knobs on the MK2.

Can anyone with an Mikro Mk3 confirm if this is possible from the hardware itself.




  • dmori
    dmori Member Posts: 30 Member

    You're able to go to the input/output section for a sound by clicking Shift+PLUG-IN on the Mikro MK3. This takes you to the Macro. You then need to use your mouse to select Input/Output.

    When you select Input or Output, you are then able to scroll through the settings using the left/right arrows and the endless encoder.

    For example on Mikro small screen it You'll see Audio/Source/None. Turning the knob on Mikro to change to In 1L/R ~ In 2L/R etc...

    Click on right arrow goes to Gain etc... and then goes to MIDI tab etc...

    Hope this makes sense. So yes you can, but mouse clicks are needed.

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