Why are only my ownunique Kontakt instruments suddenly in DEMO mode on Kontakt 5

nativejjd Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

I've owned Kontakt 5 and have never had a problem and can play everything else in Kontakt 5 but my OWN libraries. Sounds that were in the Kontakt library are NOT in demo mode. It's like I don't own my own content. Native Access isn't helping at all and probably hurting because it was after I updated Native Access that I started to have the problems. I ended up re-downloading Kontakt5. (Actually I meant to reload Reaktor 5 because it won't activate that either but maybe Reaktor 5 won't work on the M1 Mac. I'm giving up on activating Reaktor5 and loosing all my Steampipe work. There goes that live repertoire.)

It's Crazy about Kontakt 5!! I have to then save my set up as a new groups of instruments and reload into Kontakt 6, THEN reassign all the several controllers and channel assignments in my DAW. It's crazy that I have to do this. Does Native hate live performers that play their old set live 10 years later?


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