One Key only works with 127 Velocity

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Hi, I have one key on my Komplete Kontrol S49 MK1 that only works with a velocity of 127. That means if I press this key now matter at what pressure it play the note with full velocity. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


  • mykejb
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    Is the problem the same with all instruments? Are you on Mac or PC? If you're on PC you could download MIDI-OX and use that to look at the data coming from the keyboard just be certain the problem is the keyboard and nothing else.

    -- Mike

  • mattse
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    Hey @Marc2023, I have the same problem with my S88 MK2 - a single note (B2) plays at 127 velocity unless played very softly.

    Rather than have the hassle of sending away for repair, or opening it up (the S88 is a messy beast inside), a less-than-ideal workaround for me (as a Logic user) has been to add Velocity Processor as a MIDI FX, by default to each track (image added for reference).

    I set the max value to something like 80 (i.e closer to the 'average' velocity that you'd play). When jamming on instruments, synths etc, I end up not noticing it at all. Like I say though, less than ideal as the hardware still needs fixing for that note.

  • Marc2023
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    Thank you both for your response! It is definitely the hardware. Like mattse I also thought about opening the keyboard but I am afraid to damage even more. Is there a Video of how the keyboard ist build and can be opened? Couldn't find anything on YT.

  • JesterMgee
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    Google suggests this YT video

    I am sure it would give you enough info to help you decide if you are capable enough to take on the challenge.

  • Marc2023
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    Thx JesterMgee!

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