Traktor Pro 3, all versions above 3.7.1 high CPU spikes when loading tracks

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Hi, lately, randomly, my Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2015 (2,8 Ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD NVME, Radeon R9 M370X. It's basically the most powerful model from the last MBP series with HDMI and ports) throttled when playing a gig to 99 Celsius (CPU PECI Die, iStats menu) and Traktor freezed. (macOS Big Sur, Traktor 3.7.1)

It was at the restaurant and I played with S4 MK3, but I also checked NI Audio 6

CPU goes to 200%, 250%, 300%, when loading tracks, no matter the buffer size and audio interface. I've played with this MBP every weekend since 2016 with buffer set to 64 or 128 samples with no hassle on variety of setups (mostly through A6 audio, but also controllers XDJ/DDJ/NI, DJM 800, 900, NXS2 etc.) so it's so strange that this happens now.

I did an update to macOS Monterey 12.7.1 and Traktor Pro 3.10.1 and played last night with Pioneer DJM-A9 on buffer 512 samples (lol, eh, wow), and spikes still occurred, but thankfully I got this MBP from quick service (cleaning, diagnosis and thermal pastes replacement), so now it don't throttles, just jump from 50-60% of Traktor CPU usage to 250-300% when loading a track, hits 80-90 degree celcius and goes down. When I load a longer mp3 mix for example, 90mins, the CPU goes to 250% and stays like that for a while, and then goes down to normal 60-70% aftet a minute.

Macbook is fully optimized for audio, wifi turned off, filevault off, bluetooth off, spotlight off, background processes off etc. You know the drill :)


Please help! I'm playing every weekend, different venues, and I'm stressed af whole night that music will stop/freeze, as the last week before the MBP was serviced.

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