Why doesn't Traktor Pro always save my cue points?

Hi all,

I am using Traktor Pro 3 and manually beat grid + cue all my tracks. I don't use mix in key a I don't DJ electronic music.

What I am finding is traktor does not always save my cue points and/or grids. This is very frustrating as it seems to occur at random. I always export to collection and save track collection every time after prep but it doesn't seem to resolve the issue.

Anyone have any ideas please?


  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 1,527 Expert

    Maybe is the audio format that you use?

    I can confirm that for .wav and .flac files, my cue points are always saved. For other formats, i don't know.

    btw, you don't need to export your collection or save, every time... it happens automatically every time you close Traktor

  • The Sarge
    The Sarge Member Posts: 84 Helper

    @Rhythm n FLo the same problem here, but as @Sunborn mentioned: only with MP3

    so I do the following: after CUEs are set, I go to Edit (in the browser right click on the actual track) and simple type a space in the comment-field and click "Apply" and then "OK" - after having problems with forced-to-reanalyze I make this workaround with the "Apply"-click

    haven´t tried much till now, but those few tracks "saved" now their CUEs by this method

    hope this helps a little bit

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