Pitch fluctuations when playing timecoded vinyl traktor pro 3

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Hi guys.

I have just set up pro 3 for dvs, timecode vinyl.

Everything seemed to be working well but I have been noticing tiny shifts in the pitch when playing tracks.

I've checked the strobes/platters on my 1210s and they're good.

It sounds like the track slowed for a second or two at random spots. it's happening on both decks/channels.

I have also noticed when this happens that the orange bar next to the calibration circle graphic drops out at the same time. see picture.

Any suggestions please, it's driving me nuts.

I'm running a windows 11, I7 laptop.


  • Uwe303
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    have you different time code vinyls to try, does it happen on the same spot on the vinyl. Maybe you need a new pair of time code vinyls. If you set up the input from the TT to an live input or just use another program and play a normal vinyl are there any dropout's.

  • Moody!
    Moody! Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    doesn't happen in the same places on the vinyls, which are in very good condition.

    Although my stylus are fairly old and well used, I have just ordered replacements to see if that helps.

    Will report.

  • Uwe303
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    Maybe this series is helpful, in my experience not many ppl know how to setup the tt correctly, they think they know, cause they heard this and that from friends.


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