MIDI Mapping not working (M32)

dk215 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited November 10 in Komplete Kontrol

I am still on OS X 10.14 because of old hardware (Metric Halo) that wouldn't run otherwise. Maybe that's the problem but I thought I'd try here anyway.

I downloaded an older version (2.7.2) of Komplete Kontrol from the archive in order to set up my M32 keyboard. I can switch to MIDI mode from the software (CCs are being sent from the knobs, visible in Logic), but communication seems limited. I cannot change the assignments nor Templates (Keyboard only shows "Template 1" no matter how many I create in the software or how I name them).

Any ideas? I also tried trashing the Komplete Kontrol prefs, but no change. I don't suppose there's standalone editing of assignments on the hardware? Or is there probably any option to reset the hardware?

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