Error adding serial. Is Customer Service usually more than a day?

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Got my brand new m32 (NOT refurbished) delivered from Sweetwater this morning and was hoping to redeem the bonus Komplete Select and go wild. I tried to add the serial and got an error adding. So I go through all the variations in the serial # in case it's my eyes, but still "error". I check on the support page. There's no suggestion for what to do for "error" adding when it is brand new aside from trying the combos. There's no phone to call for support in US on their website from what I can tell. So I submit a support ticket at 11am, then called Sweetwater. I was placed on a 20 minute hold at Sweetwater so I choose the option for callback. However, Neither NI or Sweetwater reached back to me today in the 7.5 hours, except NI but only to send an acknowledgement of my support request with no link to the support interface. Is it possible this is a used controller they are selling as new? I know I did not purchase a refurbished or used one. Do I return the Kontrol since maybe they sold me a refurbished one? Pretty bummed about this, especially since it was supposed to be my possible entry into Komplete upgrades...

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    Thanks, They resolved it this morning. So sounds like over a day's wait for customer service is to be expected especially around the holidays. Hopefully that was the only hiccup!


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