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Yup, I´m totally new to almost everything Native. So it has been bit of a daunting start.

I´ve had some issues with loading up Kontakt and instruments. Particulary when using Komplete. I get the message that my version of Kontakt is needs to be updated. I have installed Kontakt 7. Everything jammed, would load a single plugin. So I uninstalled it according to NI procedure of ridding oneself of files and folders. So, I started thinking maybe I should have uninstalled Kontakt 6 the same way before I installed Kontakt 7? I didn´t at the time of installing version 7 think of this, as I took it for granted that Kontakt 6 would be deleted during the installment of the upgrade to version 7. I might be awkward explaining this, but hope there is someone who can tell me a little wheter this is a known issue with NI products?

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  • mykejb
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    Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 7 will co-exist on the same system. At least it does on Windows, I think Mac is the same. Are you running Kontakt standalone or as a VST?

    -- Mike

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    I only use Native products as a VST in Logic Pro. Now I´ve deleted all the Kontakt 7 files and folders, but funny thing is when I load up Komplete Kontrol for a track and for curiosity´s sake fire up Kontakt 6, Kontakt 7 is what I get. I got a support ticket going with Native for the moment, so we´ll see what comes out of it, Sent them a SupportToolExport of my system as well.


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