Intermittent Sound Lag / Slowing on Traktor S8 Co

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Hi......have had my Traktor S8 DK Controller for a couple of years now.....didn't use it much at first but now use it more - although since buying it (new) have always had an intermittent issue whereby the track playing suddenly slows down and lags & stutters for about 10 seconds ....then stops......but then returns again a few mins later. At first was told it was my laptop wasn't powerful enough but it upgraded it to a mor than adequate alternative but I still experience it .....(not always when using). Have also installed all updates from NI. Wondering if theres an advanced setting I need to change ? Any help appreciatted


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    I've experienced something similar to you problem, and I've noticed is when I use Beatsource link and download a new song or if you are analyzing song simultaneously when playing.

    Try go to settings - Audio Set up - Sample rate = 48000 khz

    the in the same settings - Audio set up - Buffer size = 512

    Hope it helps

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