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I'm not a fan of ads within apps - especially when they take up a significant amount of screen space. While I don't mind the occasional heads up regarding an upcoming sale, the lack of a way to click out of the ad or turn off in-app ads altogether would be greatly appreciated.

This ad in NA is very "busy" and the placement directly below the Updates notification is problematic.

@Jeremy_NI, can you please pass this feedback along?




  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,700 mod
    edited November 9

    Hey TJ, yes, I'll pass on the feedback. Hayo, the PO for Native Access has already shared some more insight about the topic on the lat page of this thread: Native Access - Q4 Update

  • the193rd
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    Yes. Together with the change in Kontakt, this is a really annoying development. Definitely changes the way I experience NI products and what to expect from them in the future ...

  • Amado
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    I also do not want ADs in Native Access, I came to community to bring up this issue after recent NI Access update, and thankfully another community member already had. Please remove ADs from Native Access or allow us to turn them off. I already get this information in the Native Instruments Website, I do not need it, nor want it repeated in Native Access. Thank you.

  • dd2023
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    Personally i find ads like this really offensive,

    If you want to put ads - at least put a tab where you can decide to view ads or news if you want

    because of stuff like this i don't buy anything from waves

  • briann55
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    ***** now I get to see ads when I use Native Access.....didn't I already pay $1800 for the software! Your marketing emails already spam every week or two. Now I get Ad's in the software... This is *****. Next they'll be in Kontact and my Maschine will flash one ever 3 minutes, just watch.

  • 667
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    It's not appropriate to use Native Access as an advertising channel.

    People are using this tool to check for updates for very expensive software collections, and our time and attention when doing this is not something we are making available to you for marketing purposes. It is time and attention you are taking from us, because we are captive, because you have made using Native Access a requirement.

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