Whole drum set is gone since Kontakt 7.6.1

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Hey you all,

I'm using Kontakt Player 7 for my Midi drums from getgooddrums and never experienced any problems at all.

Since going from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1 my whole drum set is gone, including midi mapping and multi outputs. I was hoping that 7.7.0 would fix that and the cpu spike problems but unfortunately my whole drums still are corrupted. In all songs... Is there any idea or suggestion, before going back with time machine and hoping for a wonder? I´m in the middle of a bigger project and would have to build up the drums from ground again on all songs.

Thank you so much!



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    if you have a project that's urgent I would go back with time machine and finish it first. Then save the kits as kontakt file, so that you can try after the update to use them instead of re-build everything from scratch.

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