Kontrol S-Series Mk3 Roadmap?

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I would love to see a roadmap from NI on the new Kontrol S-Series Mk3 controllers, I'm a bit surprised that there isn't some sort of communication on this already considering that the Mk3 controllers are out now and clearly lacking in many ways (all software, the hardware aspect is great!). Hopefully NI is monitoring these posts, and we will see something soon...

Some of these overlap with my other thread, but worth raising this as its own topic, I think.


Here are my top-of-mind items:

  • Maschine2+ integration, no word here yet except that they are looking into it. This is a huge miss in my opinion and the fact that they are still pushing Maschine in the current Winter sale but with no mention of future support seems like very confusing messaging to me.
  • Control Editor software support for things like creating/modifying MIDI templates. The KSmk3 only has a single "Default MIDI Template" which is unusable as it's hard coded with one small set of CCs and no way to change anything.
  • Play Assist controls in standalone mode. It has been hinted that the KSmk3 has some sort of onboard processing capabilities, so why not put the Play Assist functionality on the controller itself so they can be used with non-KK/Kontakt plugins directly and/or hardware synths.
  • Better integration with DAWs, such as automatically latching to whatever instance of Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt is in focus. For Live users, this is all working, but for other DAWs, it's not a great experience as you need to manuall select the controller every time you switch between instances of KK or Kontakt.

It's a great controller but it really feels like NI is way too focused on captivating their users into the NI ecosystem. Even for one that owns all of NIs software (and several Maschines), I have trouble envisioning this thing as a key component in my studio as it is so limited when not within the NI ecosystem and even within their ecosystem, it feels half baked.

Please NI, give us some clue on what your plan is here because right now it seems like there is no plan.



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