Which Macbook by Apple is suitable?

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I would like to buy a used Macbook from Apple and would like some tips from you DJs.

About me:

I am a dance teacher in Conscious dance and use Zenbook Asus, Win 22H2, Traktor Pro 3 and Z1.

(I may soon be using a Komplete Audio 6).

For about a year now, there have been frequent problems when playing I Tunes m4a files. 

1st question:

Are there also problems with a Macbook when playing I Tunes files? ... or other problems?

2nd question:

I would like to buy a cheap and used Macbook from Apple.

It should be tested and have at least 12 months warranty. Do you have any experience with e.g. Refurbed?  

3rd question:

What requirements does the Macbook (Air or Pro) need for my simple DJane work?

Thank you very much for your advice!



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    I think you need to investigate the issues with the M4A files.

    Where are these files coming from? If you're ripping off of YouTube, then those files (both AAC and MP3) are frequently malformed. Can also be due to how the file was rendered.

    Have you even taking these "problematic files" and tried them on someone's Mac, or are you just assuming getting a Mac will fix the issue?

    The only time I have had issues with MP3 or AAC files, they have ben YouTube rips/pirated music files.


    As for the Mac itself. I think it's a waste of money - from the perspective of someone who has both a 14" MBP and an Asus G14. There is nothing to choose between them, practically speaking.

    I honestly think you need to make sure the problem you're facing, which seems content-related, is actually something changing the machine will fix. If those are malformed files, then you will spend $800+ and they will still be malformed and exhibit the same issues.

    Do you know anyone with a Mac that can check those files.

  • lord-carlos
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    He said he bought them from iTunes.

    And he is talking about the famous Windows 11 m4a bug. Most DJ softwares are affected. (But not Djuced)

    AFAIK installing Windows 10 would also fix the problem. Or converting the files.

  • c0nsul
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    AFAIK, the aac/mp4 problems only occur on the latest Windows update. On Mac there are no such problems.

    If you are looking for a Mac to use with Traktor, the MacBook Air M1 is more than sufficient. No need for the Pro models in terms of power. But consider getting at least 16 GB of RAM to make it future proof.

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    i would certainly recommend the m1 series of mac's 16gb ram 512gb SSD for use with traktor... it will also take you along way with that minimum spec...especially if using it for other task's

    as with all laptops... care is required... especially as you are now dealing with a wafer thin screen!

    do take the "care is required" comment seriously, as you can go on youtube and search "m1 macbook cracked screens" and read various comments to gauge user experiences

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    Mojaxx posted this "Which Mac?" video recently:


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