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The quality of NI hardware is extremely sub-par!

I bought a Komplete Kontrol S49 MKII 5 months ago and it worked fine for 4 months. Something happened with the power supply after 4 months and it would no longer turn on. I contacted NI and they asked me to send it back to their warehouse and I had to pay the shipping fee one way and they would send me a refurbished or used keyboard back that is supposed to be in perfect condition. I have now done this twice and wasted about a month of time sending keyboards back and forth. The first time the keyboard had a noticeable cosmetic issue on the face. The second time they shipped me a keyboard with a broken screen. Is the quality of their keyboards so terrible that they have a 100% defect rate? I definitely wouldn't recommend buying anything from them...


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    Mmm, that's very unusual IMO. RE the Power supply issue. S49MKII actually doesn't require an external P/S... I'd be curious to know if it worked with an external P/S rather than just USB.

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    yes, it is powered by USB but there is still a power supply electronic circuit in the device, which is what i am referring to.

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