I'm having an issue with the table framework (Video).

Michael O'Hagan
Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 93 Helper

Here is an example of the issue.

the table framwork is seemingly not loading new samples as fast as it should if the project is on the larger side of things.

Has anyone ever had any issues with this before?

Is there a way to manually work around this issue?



  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 755 Guru

    It's hard to help here, because there's no actual code to look at.

    I have some pretty heavy projects with table framework stuff, and never noticed this. Don't do a lot of sample switching though.

    How are you switching samples - What is the source of the switch trigger event?

    Any process that is driven by events that originate from the GUI, or from the 'virtual' keyboard (PC keyboard) will be processed on the GUI thread until they hit some code that causes the processing to be taken over by the audio thread. That will be fine with simple projects, but as things get complex, the GUI thread can glitch out because the audio thread takes priority. Anything you are doing on the GUI thread can then get slow and unpredictable.

    You can force events onto the audio thread in various ways if that's the problem.

  • Michael O'Hagan
    Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 93 Helper

    Not on the GUI thread, all midi triggered from a maschine MK3 controller.

  • Michael O'Hagan
    Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 93 Helper

    A Mod can close and delete this thread, I found the issue and it's not an issue with the table framework.

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