CPU load noise via USB?

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So this is my best description of what I have been experiencing with my Kontrol S2 MKIII on Windows 10 and 11 using ASIO drivers:

Apart from a small hiss which is always there and somewhat acceptable, there seems to be an additional, variable "digital noise" coming through which is directly related to CPU (or maybe SSD) load. So, let's say im on the Desktop, I only have the low hiss, then I open a browser and I will get a brief noise while the browser is opening, which goes away once loaded.

In video games it's much worse, I assume because CPU is used at a much higher extent ? or maybe it's the SSD load? but it's so high I need to raise the volume A LOT to mask it.

Anyone else having this app-related noise coming on and off depending on usage? And are there any possible remedies?



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    Yes, I know that phenomenon, and it‘s most probably caused by a ground loop in your setup. I don‘t have a KONTROL S2 MK III, but I guess it acts like an ordinary USB Audio Interface, correct? If so (and we‘re speaking here about USB 3.0), look for a device called „iDefender+“ on the internet. It needs to be directly plugged between your TRAKTOR’s audio interface and your PC‘s USB port. I know, it‘s expensive, but it‘s the only thing that really works in such a case, as it removes any ground loops on digital interfaces. All strange sounds in the audio path caused by screen content changes, keyboard inputs, SSD activities etc. will be gone forever. Usually it needs extra +5V power to work out properly. For USB 2.0 there are cheaper ground loop isolators on the market which may work without additional power supplies.

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    Yes, it acts like a typical USB audio interface. It sounds like you are describing it very well. I realized it's not exactly CPU load, but rather an "activity change", as you say screen content change, hard disk drive access etc. For example, even firing up Traktor will increase the noise permanently until I close it again. During modern games as I said it's even worse. And then every activity or other app that opens or closes, a page loading in a browser tab they come with their own noise...

    I appreciate the solution suggestion, and given that I plan to keep it as my audio interface it might make sense to invest in one of those devices, just curious as to how this has or hasn't affected other Traktor users all those years that it has been out... is everyone just living with it?

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