My entire Native product packages installations have crashed - How to reinstall everything

Michael Leary
Michael Leary Member Posts: 19 Member

I have multiple hardware and software packages. Originally separately, Native and iZotope.

Since the acquisition of iZotope, passwords between the two product lines (Native and iZotope) have co-mingled and I can no longer save their prospective passwords. iZotope stopped opening my subscription. Today my Komplete 13 Ultimate drive is no longer useable (attached to laptop) to help fix missing packages in the latest light version of NA (35 down from 223 titles) and since I have multiple purchases (software singles, bundles and hardware related packages) this one laptop install has gone dumb.

How can I completely uninstall Native and iZotope and start all over? I cannot even find 13 Ultimate listed on the site. I am running Win 11 pro.

I can remove everything from Control Panel, but really all the registry left over - what can I do to "completely" uninstall and then reinstall successfully?

Anyone tried to recreate Native?


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