Cant See Ozone or Hypha 11 in Native Access 2

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Please forgive me I am new to the NI eco system. I am planning to purchase an NI controller so I will be also buying a instrument package as well. Right now I have installed Native Access and all the instruments it came with but cannot locate Ozone 11 or Hypha.

I am guessing I missed something, I followed the process but sigh...

would be much appreciated if someone could help me out.


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    You mentioned that „you will be“ also buying stuff from NI. Have you already requested the free (and actual) Komplete Start package from the website? After doing so, the related plugins/libraries will be added to your account automatically. After a few minutes you should see all of them in the Native Access list. That even works if you have requested Komplete Start some years earlier already.

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    I‘m assuming that we‘re talking here about Komplete Start (and your request for Ozone 11 EQ), as you have the Blocks Base library in your screenshot which was included in earlier Komplete Start versions only. You must simply request the latest package to receive the newer libraries.

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