Repair and Relocation Issues with my NI Access Portal

NJ Huda
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Hello. Just a few weeks ago, I noticed my native access portal software keeps showing me these messages of needing to repair and/or relocate the plug-ins and I have literally followed the instructions that NI have on their website as well as their video online about it and it still doesn't work. I have even updated to NI Access 2 and it still doesn't do me any favors. It won't repair or relocate or whatever even when I individually go to each of the plug-ins and relocate each one in the list of like 25 to their matching folders on my Mac's drive. They still don't repair and I don't understand what the hell to do. Anyone can help me? I would email them but I can't seem to find contact info anywhere on their website and I was told to try looking here on Reddit. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks. It's been driving me insane!


  • Milos
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    Dear NJ Huda,

    I'm not really a Mac user (I use Windows 11), but it seems that this problem can appear on both Os's.

    Maybe you should try to create a new folder or folders for these plugins and check your internet connection.

    Or if this doesn't work, maybe you should uninstall Native Access 2 and then reinstall it again.

    I hope these can help.

    Have a nice day!

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