Issue with Kontatk Standalone vs Kontatk VST3 loading Sway Play Series

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Hello NI Team

I've been having a issue on Kontatk when loading the Sway library,

When I open the Kontakt on my DAW(Reaper) I've received the error "Your Version of Kontakt is too old to load this file. Please update to the latest version".

However I'm using Kontatk 7.18 on VST3. The interesting part is that when I try to load Sway into the Kontakt standalone, I can open normally and I've noticed that the version of standalone is 7.6.0, not matching the VST version.

Can someone from NI Team help to solve this issue?

Thank you.


  • mykejb
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    Maybe Reaper is finding an older version of the Kontakt 7.vst3 file rather than looking in the standard location? Might be worth uninstalling Kontakt the do a search for Kontakt*.vst3 on your system. Once you're sure there's nothing lurking around reinstall Kontakt and see if it works.

    -- Mike

  • cbat07
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    Yes it work out.

    I had two .vst3 on different folders and it was always assuming the older version.

    Thanks for the help.

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