Maschine + and multiple ext. MIDI devices/synths

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Hello all,

I've been doing some digging online and I'm not finding an exact answer. I have a few synths that I want to run through Maschine + and have it control them independently from each one another. Is this possibly and what would be the best way to set it up? Would I need a MIDI interface (ie. MioXM/XL), or does daisy chaining them work. I do have an audio interface, the Steinberg UR44c, which also has a MIDI I/O on it as well. I haven't dabbled too much into MIDI, so forgive my ignorance. I'm also trying to negate the use of a computer/laptop.

Thank you in advance!


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    In general you go from the MIDI DIN output from the M+ to the MIDI DIN input of the synth. Second synth can be connected via MIDI THRU of the first synth. Each synth must be set to a dedicated MIDI channel.

    How many synths do you have? How can they be connected (MIDI via DIN or USB)? Are the synths multitimbral (and do you plan to use that)? How do you want to perform the notes (on each synth, on a master keyboard, on the M+ Pads)?

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    Answered, I figured it out🤘🏻

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