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I'm looking to purchase the Kontrol S88 and I want to know what would be a good set of bookend speakers to purchase. All my other keyboards came with speakers. So the dilemma is what is a good set. Thanks in advance



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    I am not sure if you have misunderstood something. The N.I. keyboard are controllers with advanced N.I. software control integration and do not produce any sound as standalone units , they need to be attached to a computer and use the computers sound card. The manual is here : https://www.native-instruments.com/ni-tech-manuals/kontrol-s-mk3-manual/en/setting-up-your-keyboard

    Also , video introduction here : How to use everything in Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI keyboard controller | Native Instruments  :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDm624ynDuk&ab_channel=NativeInstruments

    So the only way that the keyboard is going to produce sound is through a unit that will translate the midi from the keyboard and make that into sound. E.g. using the Native Access software on your computer and your computer sound card and speakers ! So if your computer already have speakers attached then you do not need other speakers.

    Ref. : Inputs and outputs & other specifications !

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    I understand that it's a stand-alone, have that covered, I've got computers out the yang with soundcards that can handle it. Thank you for the reply

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    I understand that it's a stand-alone

    It's NOT a standalone.

    If you do actually want to buy some speakers, I would suggest putting that in the thread title rather than just "what to buy". Also worth mentioning your budget (assuming you have one and are not a millionaire).

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    Hey OP! Do you make music with your computer already, or is this a new thing you want to do?

    And please tell us all about your computer, and definitely include your sound card and current speakers. Names, model numbers, and how old each part is. Do you currently have a MIDI drum controller, or a MIDI keyboard controller? If so, what are the model numbers, and what versions?

    We also need to know what CPU you have in your computer, how much memory it has, when you bought it, if it was new when you bought it, and what OS it runs.

    Also, for music recording, would you consider yourself an expert, intermediate, or beginner?

    Looking forward to your responses!

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    If you got 'computers out the yang' then maybe you also got 'money coming out of the wazoo' ? If so then maybe you would like some 'iLoud Precision' ? They will cost you a ton of money but if you both got 'computers out the yang' and 'money coming out of the wazoo' then who cares ?

    Otherwise then if you are on a budget then maybe you first ought to consider if you want to also have a sub-woofer together with a couple of small speakers or if you just want the two 'bookend' speakers.. At the moment , for my PC , then out of consideration of space, I am using the set with a sub-woofer myself. It can make a lot of noise and are coming in price ranges from rather cheap to rather expensive..

    All in all it also makes the questions from PK The DJ and BIF both very appropriate and necessary to address ! 🙂

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