How to Use NI Artists Expansion Packs with Komplete Kontrol Keyboard in Reaper

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Hi folks,

I have the Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 Keyboard and the Native Instruments Komplete 14 Collector's Edition and my DAW is Reaper. I see the bundle has Artist Expansion packs like "The Stereotypes," "DJ Khalit" and others.

I can see these NI exapansion packs as "installed" in "native Access" but I can't seem to find them in Komplete Kontrol or anything else to be able to use them. Can anyone please give me a 1-2-3 step on how to find and use those artist exapansion packs with Komplete Kontrol in Reaper (or in general if you don't know reaper; generic DAW)?

In fact, I'm finding it hard to see how to use the keyboard "komplete kontrol" vs brining it up in the DAW/Reaper- it seems to bring it up when I select FX and then not let me use the keyboard.

Thank you



  • mykejb
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    You can see the various loops and samples in KK under loops/samples sections. For the synth presets, if you load Massive or Monark you'll see the sounds in the list. It's probably best to select the bank you're looking for to narrow the search down.

    -- Mike

  • shannonsmith
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    Thank you for the reply

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