still not even Scalable UI´s

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Obviously, there are not enough people stopping to buy NI stuff because of this atrocity. since NI hasn´t done anything to improve on this. it´s unbelievable how one can sell software in such price ranges and not make them usable on higher res than 1080p. so sad what this company became over the years. the only thing still usable is a dying dj software and kontakt. this company has no love or passion left. it´s only suits selling licenses and buying other companies, the few who really care probably don´t get the resources to improve all the abandonware that is sold here


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    Quote : N.I. are constantly looking for ways to improve the products and services offered !

    Meaning that they are updating their software but what features people get when nobody knows , least of all common users such as myself !

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    well, i´ve found a few things that need improvement. i would like to edit the filter curves of my traktor s4 mk 3 "flasgship" dj controller. also, somehow the autogain is not working as precise as i´d like, or it is precise but not taking psychoacoustics into consideration, either way, premium price demands premium quality, but at the moment I feel like i maybe should have invested in pioneer. and for the live of me, let me scale up the ui size of all that software I bought so i can use it. because i won´t buy more NI stuff knowing it will get abandoned just because something else they sell makes more money. and no, i do not intend to pay upgrade prices to get such basic features.

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    Actually over the past year NI has been making significant fundament steps towards providing scalable UI's.

    Unfortunately it is not a simple problem due to a vast amount of legacy bit-mapped art, ancient code, and the "Russian Doll" aspect of Komplete Kontrol being a hosting environment for products, including those from 3rd parties.

    But true progress is now happening at a good pace.

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    You'd be better putting this in the Traktor part of the forums so it gets noticed by the Traktor team

    -- Mike

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    I'm with the OP on high-res monitors and the inability to see the damned screen, especially after I spent so much money on these graphic monitors!

    The good news it that NI has been moving toward the QT development stack (I guess I can call it a "stack"?), which should reduce/eliminate spaghetti code and make all future UI changes go much faster and be less painful. It should get a lot better, although it should be noted that converting to QT has to be done product-by-product, plus it is not a likety-split quickie thing you can just do before your first morning coffee or tea. It will take some time, so priorities will need to be set.

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