MacOs Sonoma with Traktor pro 3.10.1

Hello to all.... my S2MK2 doesnt recognised with those version of MacBook and controller.... any ideas?


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,543 Expert

    Do you have mac OS 14.0 or 14.1?

    Some people reporting that hardware would work again after upgrading to 14.1. At least the z1

  • djyake
    djyake Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    My Traktor S4 MK2 is also not working on Sonoma 14.1. It says it couldn't install the driver, and I need to contact the software manufacturer for assistance. I hope this gets figured out soon!

  • DJAsitis
    DJAsitis Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Same thing, bought S4 MK2 yesterday. Cannot install driver and cannot downgreat to previous macOS version. How soon this will be resolved?

  • thefunkyboulevards
    thefunkyboulevards Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    I have the same problem. My Traktor now can't recognize any piece of hardware correctly. I use one Audio 6 with Kontrol x1 + f1, and a pair of turntables with time codes and an eclair warm 2 mixes (Macbook pro 14").

    Everything worked fine, since the last update of the system. Today I tried to play, and nothing worked. I have some strange behavior on Traktor who now don't recognize my configuration files correctly, and the inputs and outputs now are working funky. Changes all the time without me do anything.

    I think now we have to wait some update from NI to get thinks working again, since there, I can't do nothing, because my computer is also my work computer (and I had to upgrade to this version of Sonoma). :/

  • Jonas_NI
    Jonas_NI Product Team Posts: 115 mod

    @thefunkyboulevards: Working with time code on Sonoma, I had to authorise my audio 6 as sound input in my OS preferences. Otherwise, I had no control over my decks. Hope it helps.

  • thefunkyboulevards
    thefunkyboulevards Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Temp solution:

    Reinstall the software. Since the Native Access is the problem on Sonoma, and dont download any software, i was able to make a clean install of Traktor Pro 3 and Traktor Pro Plus using this old installer.


    With this, i was able to finally download the software, and now everything is working super fine as before.

    I use dual boot (both with sonoma). One partition of my mac is for design work, and other only for music (music production and a specific user for traktor only).

  • Djtwok
    Djtwok Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    That means it works ? Upgraded today to Sonoma before thinking about compatibility . Next week I have to play with Timecode.

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