KOMPLETE KONTROL A61, Shiping query.

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I have just purchased the above mentioned, I'm afraid I don't recall whether or not my product will be a boxed version,or downloadable.Failure on my part I know, I am starting late in life as such a beginner. Also I think I will have to install another HDD.

Windows 11, 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-13400  2.50 GHz.

Would gratefully appreciate some pointers.

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    KOMPLETE KONTROL A61 is a piece of hardware and you can not download N.I. hardware so if you bought that then it will arrive in a box . But perhaps you are referring to the present Cyber Season software bundle offer : Free "Komplete 14 Select" with A-Series or M32 keyboards ?

    The Free Komplete 14 Select with A-Series or M32 keyboards is a download that you will get from entering a serial number or code into the Native Access client after you have downloaded that. The code will either come with your keyboard or you will receive it in an email after registering your purchased hardware unit serial in the N.I. Native Access client (always check spam folder if you do not receive the email after registration in the Native Access client) (The entering of the serial in the client will add the product to your account made with the email address used so be sure that you are logged into the correct account in the Native Access client prior to entering the serial and /or code)...

    If you are buying a new hard drive to install the software on then an 2.5" SSD drive will load sounds faster than a mechanical drive but will also cost you more money. If your computer supports it then a NVME drive is even faster than SSD but also costs even more money than SSD !

    If you have the money to spare then when buying a drive it is also worth contemplating if you want a drive large enough for a later eventual upgrade of your software. (it is entirely possible that you are going to see offers on Komplete 14 upgrades later this month after N.I. have distributed enough units of 'free' Komplete 14 Select software with their sold hardware units. 😉) Also remember that drives such as SSD/NVME should never be filled more than %80 otherwise you could experience serious performance degradation !

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    Thank You Poor fellow

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