Looking for foam strip for S88 Mk2

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Hello Native instruments

Your Hardware support it totally useless, when the person trying to get support knows what he needs.

Can I please get a direct email address, for support, so I can ask what I need:

I need to purchase the Lower Foam strip for the S88 Mk2 where the hammers rest/bounce on.

Its a Long foam strip 9mm thick, it has double sided tape on the one side, for sticking in place.

This is a simple request, which I want to purchase from you, I am requesting my right to repair here. It is a simple item, and I do not see why you guys make it so hard to purchase parts.

Right now I am using a Yamaha foam/felt strip, but its too dense, and 1mm thicker than it should be. This causes a lower velocity achieved when I play the keys because the travel is slightly shorter now, from where the hammers are at rest.

I am fully competent at opening up my Key-bed, it is way way out of warranty. So no issues there.

Please either source this or direct me to someone at Fatar where I can order this strip.

I have asked this before, and you say you do not have the system in place inorder to fulfil my request.

How hard can it be to give a contact email from someone at Fatar?

I would appreciate your assistance on this.

Thank you



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    Thankyou for the links.

    I had been to them before.

    Unfortunately the German site, was promising, but they are always out of stock for the lower foam strip. Native instruments have emailed me, I have replied, hopefully they can direct me somewhere.

    I actually Just emailed the German site now, maybe they can soure the strip from Fatar direct?

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    Quote : "I actually Just emailed the German site now, maybe they can soure the strip from Fatar direct?"

    I , don't know , let's hope so (best wishes for you on that 🙂).

    However my own problem trying to assist you finding a dealer I think were maybe not so much a problem of finding a dealer/seller but more a problem of not knowing the correct technical term for what you want. The expression 'foam strip' I am rather sure is maybe not a technically correct term and also an expression that generates an incredible amount of 'noise' when using Google. And if looking for parts for Fatar then one is served e.g. the "Contact rubber for Fatar" and 'conductive' rubber strips and what not which I think that is not what you want or need. So I think that maybe it would have been easier to try to locate something suitable had one known the exact expression for the 'item' used by the professional dealers..

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    Damper strip, not the aftertouch one thats totally different.

    There are 4 strips in total:

    There is the upper strip, heavy felt strip, thats where the hammers hit when you press the key down, Hammers go up..

    the Lower strip is for when the hammers are at rest, (you let go of the key and the hammers fall). This is the one i need. Its a very light density foam/sponge

    Expression or aftertouch strip is the pressure sensitive strip which gives you the after touch, when you push harder on the keys.

    Then there is the velocity strips, which are rubber and come in 1 octave sections.

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    Well , These guys write that :  Syntaur carries nearly 20,000 different repair parts and replacement keys for synthesizers, electronic keyboards, and drum machines.  :  https://syntaur.com/brandModels.php?brandID=Studiologic/Fatar

    So I would find it rather hard to imagine that they would not either have what you need or know how or where to get it . They even take item requests : https://syntaur.com/contact.html

    It might not even be something that is considered a part for a specific brand but maybe just a more 'generic' part ! ?

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    Yep I agree, I have sent them an email too, They do have what looks like a generic felt/foam strip, but no sizes as in thickness. all it says is for 88 key. But there are many sizes, some are felt, some are foam rubber, and the density is very important.

    So I will wait for their reply, and hope they can ship to the UK at reasonable prices. lol

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    Please keep us posted on your progress.

    Thanks, and good luck!

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    I have managed to get a support email address from Fatar. So I am hoping I will get a reply from them directly.

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    It really feels like Native instruments are going the Apple route here? "Planned Obsolescence"

    Do they really refuse to supply any internal parts for their keyboards. Are we just expected to buy a new one, when a piece of foam wears out and becomes too soft to support the weight of the hammers. There are many parts that are serviceable inside the keybed, if parts were made available:

    Damper strips



    Velocity membrane

    Screens (They eventually suffer from extreme light leaks, and become unredable after a few years)

    All of the above should be made available for purchase in order to service and maintain.

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