KK Software 3.0.2 - What's in it? And a Request for NI [or not]...

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Yeah, the KK 3.0.2 announcement did not say what was in it.

...So, what was in it? Was it the UI changes that were previously noted as highest priority? Was it some of those UI changes, or all of them? Or was it more like a hotfix to correct a crashy bug? Or did it have a few things included...and if so, what were they?

Even on Steam, I can pretty much read the change log for any new version of the games I play.

So my request for NI is to add the top-5 things fixed in any new version that is going to show up in Native Access for us. It can be brief. But it should be present.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

EDIT: Okay, maybe I missed a post or two. Apologies!


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