why does Traktor Z2 turn off at high volumes?

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I have had a traktor z2 which I have been combining with an x1mk2 and an f1 for 2 years. for some time now it has been giving me problems with the db speakers and the opera 15 that I use in my club: I keep the volume of the speakers at 0 db and if the output volume of the mixer exceeds the target it turns off for a moment, then it turns back on but the sound it's no longer clean, then it turns off again, then it turns back on again... it goes haywire, in short it's not stable. I have to turn everything off and keep the volume low, which isn't good with the place full of people.

The mixer works perfectly if I use it only with headphones or studio monitors. I tried changing cables but the problem persists. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?

Thank you


  • Uwe303
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    have you double checked the cables, have you tried to just use the left or right channel? Are you in the reds on master channel if that's happening? Unfortunately I can't find the specs for the xlr output but it could be the case that you have to set another input sensitivity on your speakers like -4 or -10 dB for full Level 0 dB is not always right.

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