S61 MK3 only shows DAW mode - Logic Pro 10.7.9

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Still having a hard time with the S61 MK3

Upon installing it in Logic, all I get is DAW mode - which works perfectly fine.

But loading Kontakt 7.6.1 with an NI instrument does simply not change the view on the S61 MK3. It keeps being stuck in DAW mode, showing the channel strip with the volume knob.

The other buttons (Browser, Plug-In) cannot be selected at all.

Tried a power supply, but no change. The device is connected via USB-C to a Mac Studio M2 Ultra with Ventura and as mentioned, keyboard and DAW mode work flawlessly.

How can I get what the keyboard is supposed to be doing?




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    To answer my own question (again after spending much time myself which is not being paid for by NI) the situation is as follows:

    1. S61 NK3 connected to a Mac Studio via USB-C - only DAW Mode, no visual support of Kontakt instruments, just plain nothing except for the channel strip info on screen
    2. The same situation with KK Standalone - identical. The keyboard displays "Default Midi Template" and does not show an instrument, preview or something else.
    3. Both scenarios with an external power supply - no change :-(
    4. Finally I have connected the S61 MK3 via a USB-C to USB-A adapter to an USB-A cable an inserted it to a USB-A Hub, everything seems to work as expected!

    Honestly, it really cannot be that a brand new 900 Euro keyboard cannot communicate via USB-C with a Mac Studio system but requires me to purchase a USB hub, a USB-A cable, adapter etc. (that said I have already spent money on a long USB-C cable which is now absolutely useless).

    Just for the record:

    Being a beta tester myself, nobody can tell me that these systems have been properly tested. Under no circumstances would NI not have seen all the trouble, except they had explicitly excluded musicians which are using Mac Studio systems since years. Not funny at all.



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